19th World Festival of Youth and Students

On the centenary of Great October Revolution
Honouring Our Past, We Build the Future



Young communists of Greece and Turkey meet

Communist youth organizations of Turkey and Greece met in Izmir, Turkey to discuss the problems of young workers in both countries and shared their experiences. The success of the October Revolution and the lessons drawn from the Bolsheviks enhanced the discus...




On the centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution

Youth longing for a bright future comes out with communism

Throughout the whole year European Communist Youth Organizations organized common actions dedicated to the October Revolution and many of them contributed to the joint website “Youth for October”. As we leave behind 2017, we offer the following political evaluation to the youth of Europe:

100 years later, it is still the October Revolution that draws the horizon of our era and continues to demonstrate that socialism is the only social system which is able to answer to the questions that young generations are facing today. All along 2017, during our activities, we witnessed that apart from being a scientific truth, this factis also becoming an increasingly influential political belief among the youth of Europe.

The capitalist states with their governments, in the altar of the capitalist development are sacrificing the rights and the contemporary needs of the working class and the youth of workers’ and poor popular strata families. While the necessary potential for them to be covered exists, this does not happen because of the profit being the motive of development in capitalism.

That is why young workers, students of schools and universities, in our countries are facing today increasing work hours, bitter consequences of the privatization of public services such as health-care and education,escalating youth unemployment and harsh living conditions for young refugees, workers and students while billions of public money is spent on military equipment. These factors are stimulating the search for a way out which can lead to a new and humanly social order.


Facing this fact, bourgeois governments feel the necessity to take measures in order to prevent the communists of reaching out to the young people in search and show them that their aspirations are in coherence with communist ideals. As the only political movement which is fit to represent and realize the contemporary needs of the youth, communism is still considered the real threat to the capitalist system. That is why the year of 2017 gave place to a vicious anti-communist offensive all over Europe.

The rightful fear of communism which makes the big monopolies tremble is the only reason why columns and broadcasts of the main-stream media are still being filled with anti-communist lies, hostility against the achievements of socialist experiences and denial of the possibility of drawing the right conclusions from October 1917 for today.

This rightful fear is the only reason why there is still censorship against communism in publish houses and in media; why there are continuous attempts to falsify the history and to equate communism with fascism; and why bourgeois politicians commemorate the “victims of communism” so often, as their masters feel themselves victimized with each victory of the working class struggle giving hope and inspiration to the popular strata and the youth.

The timeliness of the Great October Socialist Revolution has been proved many times this year…

…as thousands shouted out “this is your revolution” at the massive communist rally in Rome,

…as thousands of youngsters met in Athens for the 43rd Odigitis Festival honouring the October Revolution with the lines from Mayakovski’s poetry: “the future will not come on its own, if we do not take measures”,

…as thousands gathered in Izmir, Turkey and held a massive event despite the rainfall, crying out “Socialism will look good on the republic”,

…as hundreds of youngsters gathered in Madrid and underlined the necessity of the organized, international struggle for new Octobers,

And in our events, actions, tournaments, seminars and organizational work; tens of thousands of young people in entire Europe were mobilized to achieve a bright future bonding their aspirations with the goal of socialism-communism.

On its centenary, youth stood up for October and against capitalist barbarity.

Long live communism!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Long live Bolsheviks and the Great October Socialist Revolution!

Youth for October
December 2017