19th WFYS: Getting started…

The first day of the 19th WFYS passed behind with different activities attended by thousands of young people. The centenary of the October Revolution has been the main reference of the speeches in the conference sessions.

Finally the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students took off in Sochi. The festival area gives place to various activities addressing the contemporary interests of the youngsters. However, festival gains its genuine meaning in the discussion programs prepared by the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY). Today there took place discussions about the figures of the 19th WFYS (Guevara, Castro, Abdellaziz, Mugabe) and two conferences concerning the history of the WFDY and the centenary of the October Revolution.
The contributions in the conferences pointed out to the actuality of the October Revolution despite the long years passed behind since the disappearance of the socialist bloc. One of the most striking speech was made by Iraklis Tsavdaridis – former WFDY president and currently President of the World Peace Council – who claimed that WFDY conferences were actually the core event of this festival. He affirmed that people were coming to these events for the centenary of the October Revolution and for the flag raised in Reichstag in Berlin in 1945.
In the evening, the hosting country organized a spectacular event in Adler Arena with the participation of more than 10 thousands of people.