Fifth day of the World Festival of Youth and Students: Imperialism offers no peace!

Speeches and events kept on going on the fifth day of the World Festival of Youth and Students (WFYS). Reserved for one continent each day, the topic of the discussion program for the fifth day was Asia-Pacific. 

Speech titles of the fifth day were “Military Interventions of NATO and European Union”, “Contribution of the Soviet Union to National Liberation Movements”, “A National Unity in Korea Anew” and “The Fight Against Reactionism in South Asia”.

In the seminar titled “Contribution of the Soviet Union to National Liberation Movements”, speaker from the Communist Youth of Turkey said that international relations cannot be interpreted as just a part of diplomacy but must be treated in relation with class struggles. Giving historical facts, he underlined the role of the October Revolution and the Soviet Union in the foundation of the Republic of Turkey. Taking the floor in the presentation, representative from the Communist Youth of Syria said that the Soviet victory over fascism allowed Syria to get away from being a colony. By the way, arbitrary detainment of the delegates from the Communist Youth of Greece at the entrance of the festival area because of bringing posters and materials with communist symbols was protested.

Picking up from the previous day, international anti-imperialist court opened to an incident. A speech from a Russian government official, taking place in the hall where the court was supposed to be held dragged on, thus the court attendees was not let in the hall. Communist youth organizations from Spain, Mexico, Cuba and Argentina protested the government official with slogans and the official left the hall. Also, the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) President Nicolas Papademetriou criticized the Russian government for the festival committee’s negligence in not providing an interpreter for the court, demanding respect for the federation. Delayed for two hours, the court was attended by Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Eritrea, Panama, Lebanon and Ecuador. In the presentation for Argentina, it was demanded that Santiago Maldonado be found, who disappeared after he was taken under custody. It was also stated that the colonial politics of United Kingdom still continues in Argentina. Panama said that in their country, student organizations are banned, drug cartels create security problems and young people start working when they are 16 years old. The witness representing Ecuador told that 56 petroleum reserves in their country are sold to foreign companies, and these reserves are still being operated and drinking waters are polluted even after the lawsuits against the companies are won. Claiming that the peoples’ fight against imperialism will continue, speakers saluted the October Revolution.

The seminar titled “A National Unity in Korea Anew” received great interest. Speakers from Sri Lanka, Africa and Russia addressed that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea should be supported against the aggressive methods of the USA in the region. Representatives of the DPRK stated that their nuclear weapons program is a result of the aggressive policies of the USA and that the threat of a nuclear war will cease to exist only if the imperialism of the USA is eradicated. Kim-il-sungist-Kim-jong-ilist Youth Union said that they are living in peace and security away from the chaos the USA created. They appealed to the progressive youth in the world that they should keep away from any vicious alliances and they should stand against the warmongering of the USA.