World Festival of Youth and Students debate Middle East

On the fourth day of the festival, participants discussed the Middle East and imperialism. A simulated international anti-imperialist court was held as the World Festival of Youth and Students left its fourth day behind.

The fourth day of the festival was marked with the simulated anti-imperialist court. Participants from Cuba, Brazil, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and Colombia spoke of policies of imperialism carried out in and against their own countries. Videos on U.S. imperialist discrimination and exploitation against the people, and struggles against imperialism that have been ongoing for years were watched. The Communist Party of Cuba’s delegate spoke about how Cuba has been subjected to U.S. ideological and physical attacks for the last hundred years. The speech of the Cuban delegate drew attention to biological warfare, the danger of US piracy at sea and the ongoing embargoes; and the speech was often interrupted by slogans and applause. The Cuban delegate stated at the end of his words that the protector of the Cuban revolution was the Cuban youth. The delegate representing Brazilian Communist Youth said that companies in cooperation with the Brazilian government have increasingly impoverished the country of oil resources that they sell to the United States.



He also stressed that the government was formed by a group of people who followed the US, and he urged the youth of the world to join the anti-imperialist struggle to end this exploitation. The delegate from the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea spoke about how in the Korean War the US had killed thousands of Korean citizens, adding that the Korean people and their leaders were ready to struggle against all the imperialist interventions carried out by the United States. Finally, the EDON member who spoke on behalf of Cyprus stated that the US and the CIA were behind Turkey’s intervention in Cyprus and that they would continue their struggle against the US for their independence.



Another event held during the day with the intensive participation of Middle Eastern countries was a session entitled ‘the War on Syria’, which was held to the accompaniment of chants and slogans from delegates from other countries in the region. On behalf of the Communist Youth of Turkey, İbrahim Can Usta spoke of how jihadist organisations in Syria and the US-backed Free Syrian Army need to be stopped, and emphasised that Turkey needs to withdraw its troops from Syria. He also said that no one should stand with reactionary parties like the AKP, with NATO member military brigades or with imperialist powers in the War on Syria.



The festival also held a special session for Palestine on the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration. Peace representatives and delegates from socialist youth organisations from Palestine, Syria and Lebanon talked about the international importance of the Soviet Union as well as of Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution as they pertain to the struggle of Palestine. They underlined that as long as imperialist powers like the US continue their interventions, a solution will not be found for neither Palestine nor Syria. The meeting, which emphasised that the war in the region would not end without a prolonged struggle against imperialism, ended with chants and slogans.