International Event of the 36 Communist Youth Organizations in Sochi, dedicated to the 100 years of the Great October Socialist Revolution

An international event among Communist Youth Organizations took place during the 19. World Festival of the Youth and Students in Sochi. 36 organizations coming from 32 countries attended the jubilant meeting dedicated to the centenary of the October Revolution.

36 Communist Youth Organizations from 32 countries obliged the international event held in Sochi, which was called by communist youth organizations of Europe, who already have the experience of the annual Meetings of European Communist Youth Organizations. Each organization delivered speeches about the Great October Socialist Revolution and the cooperation between communist youth organizations in the joyous meeting.  


The communist youth organizations who attended the meeting stated that they will carry the fight for socialism forward on the centenary of the October Revolution. Some of the speeches of attendees are as follows.


In the statement made on behalf of the Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG), it was stated that Turkey has long been carrying out military operations in Syria and that the plans of Turkey’s bourgeoisie for the region are not that discreet. It was said that imperialism has caused ethnic and religious conflicts, but that there is no clear talks of peace yet. Speaking for the TKG, Ceren Demiröz said, “The war in our country has become a part of people’s lives. The people who have been subjected to war’s destruction for many years now want the war to end. We, as communists, cannot ignore the political consequences of decisions made on behalf of the people. We know that the peace granted by imperialism is temporary and dangerous. True peace is possible with peoples who are struggling in the interests of the working class. On its centenary, the October Revolution serves as an example on this. The October Revolution of the Bolsheviks became a turning point for the Great War, and peace was achieved through the power of the working class. Long live socialism and communism!”


The Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) said that the most profound development in the twentieth century was the October Revolution, the triumph of the working class, which won against capitalist barbarism and exploitation of people. Speaking on behalf of the KNE, Nikos Zacharopoulos quoted Lenin: “When, at what date and time, and the proletarians of which nation will complete this process is not important. The important thing is that the ice has been broken; the road is open, the way has been shown” and continued: “As KKE, we are fighting every day against capitalism and SYRIZA’s populist rule. We are fighting for socialism in universities, technical schools, workplaces, wherever young people exist in. But young people are subjected to severe exploitation, not only in Greece, but throughout the world. However, many young people are joining communist youth organizations. This shows the crisis in which capitalism, which can not promise a future to youth, is. For victory, we will raise the struggle of socialism against imperialism to establish the rule of the working class. Long live The October Revolution, socialism and communism.”


The Syrian Communist Youth Union – Khalid Bagdash Youth began by saluting the communists who fought with the people against imperialism in Syria. Making a note of capitalism and imperialism, he expressed the following: “We must remember the historical figures who played a role in the victory of the peoples, especially Lenin. The October Revolution influenced humanity and declared the victory of the working class of the world over the capitalist and imperialist system. Syria, which gained its independence from France with the support of Soviet Union, will continue to fight with socialism. Long Live The Great October Revolution, Lenin and Stalin.”


In the statement made by the  Communist Youth of Venezuela(JCV), it was emphasized that the crisis is deepening increasingly, and that imperialism is nothing more than war, pain, hunger, exploitation and misery. Asserting that the fundamental mission of the communist youth is to strengthen all units and organizations, The Communist Youth of Venezuela continued: “The Great October Socialist Revolution succeeded in building a strong revolutionary bloc under the most difficult circumstances. It was strengthened by showing that it was possible to stay in line with the Communist Party. Comrades, you can be sure that the Communist Party of Venezuela will not take a step back. We will create a stronger communist bloc in order to succeed. As a youth organization, we will fight together hand in hand with other youth organizations and WFDY. Long live revolution! Long live socialism.”


The All India Youth Federation stated the importance of the anti-communism struggle, saying: “The working class has always fought for itself and will continue to do so. You can not obstruct the fight of Communists, we will form socialist order by proliferating. The future belongs to the youth following Marx and Lenin. That’s why we celebrate the Great October Revolution. Socialism will be founded in the footsteps of the October Revolution. Long live the solidarity of the people!”


The Front of Communist Youth (FGC) from Italy underlined the accuracy of the lessons drawn from the October Revolution and stated that Bolsheviks’ experience is still valuable today, struggle against opportunism occupying a primordial part among these lessons. Referring to the radical transformation of the legendary PCI into a social democrat party, the representative of the FGC stated that the PCI had moved away from the ideas and values of the October Revolution. Furthermore, he claimed that the Bolshevik Party would not be able to pave the way for the revolution if it had left aside struggle against opportunism. Promoting Antonio Gramsci’s “bolshevisation” term, the speech underlined the importance of waging the revolutionary policy with a constant work of agitation, propaganda and mobilisation and ended with the following slogan: “We must be the most vivid flame of the revolution!”


The Collectives of Young Communists (CJC) from Spain focused on the importance of the Leninist party as the vanguard’s most advanced organisation. Sec. General Marina Gómez informed the audience about the CJC’s works in Spain for honouring the centenary of the October Revolution, which they do not consider as a simple memorial but a living example for their struggle. Criticising efforts for hiding the decisive role of the Bolshevik Party in social-democrat and opportunist historiographies concerning the October Revolution, she defined the Leninist party as the biggest contribution of the Bolsheviks. After stating their loyalty to their principles and to their class, Gómez ended her words by claiming that there is no revolution without a party.

The press release below has been decided on behalf of the attending organizations and the meeting concluded with every attendee singing the Internationale in their own languages.

Press Release of the common activity of 36 Communist Youth Organisations in Russia dedicated to the 100 years of the October Socialist Revolution

We continue on the road of Red October – We strengthen our struggle for Socialism

We, 36 Communist Youth Organisations from every corner of the Earth, on the occasion of our participation in the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students, we held in Russia on the 18/10/2017, a common activity dedicated to the 100 years of the October Revolution and we declare the following:

We collectively honour the 100 years from the Great October Socialist Revolution! We honour the outstanding world-historical event of the 20th century that proved that capitalism is not perpetual and invincible, proved that the peoples with their struggle can overthrow capitalism and construct a superior society, socialism.

We honour the event that proved that all the great problems that the young people are facing in the capitalist world, such as imperialist wars, occupation, refugee waves and forced immigration, capitalist crisis, exploitation, unemployment, shattered rights in work, discrimination against women, education, in culture and sports, can be resolved with the seizure of power by the working class, with the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism. In the countries where socialism was built, the youth had important achievements that even today they seem a distant dream for the youth of our countries such as the access to all levels of education, granted and stable work, sports and culture.

The Great Red October Revolution found a poor country and changed it into a global power at the side of all the peoples that challenged the imperialism and defeated the nazi–fascism. It was an inspiration for peoples of all around the world to fight for their emancipation.

The overthrow of socialism, the dissolution of the USSR and the restoration of capitalism in Russia and other socialist countries do not scare us. We decisively declare that the 21st century will be the century of new socialist revolutions.

The ice has been broken and the road has opened, exactly 100 years ago! Now this road is ahead of us! Let us take it until the great, final victory of socialism-communism.

We continue on the way of Red October. We strengthen our common struggle.

Proletarians of all lands, unite!


1. Federation of Communist Youth – Argentina

2. Communist Youth of Austria

3. Bangladesh Youth Union

4. Bangladesh Students Union

5. Communist Youth Union – Brazil

6. Young Communist League of Canada

7. Colombian Communist Youth

8. Young Socialists of Croatia

9. United Democratic Youth Organization (EDON) – Cyprus

10. Communist Youth Union – Czech Republic

11. Communist Youth of Ecuador

12. Socialist German Workers Youth

13. Young Communist League of Britain

14. Communist Youth of Greece

15. Communist Youth of Guatemala

16. All India Youth Federation

17. Democratic Youth Federation of India

18. Young Communist League of Israel

19. Front of Communist Youth – Italy

20. Jordanian Democratic Youth Union – UJDY

21. Federation of Young Communists – Mexico

22. Democratic Students Federation of Pakistan

23. Revolutionary Communist Youth League (Bolsheviks) – Russia

24. Leninist Communist Youth Union of Russian Federation

25. Young Communist League of Yugoslavia – Serbia

26. Communist Youth Union of Spain

27. Collectives of Young Communists – Spain

28. Socialist Youth Union – Sri Lanka

29. Socialist Students Union – Sri Lanka

30. Revolutionary Communist Youth – Sweden

31. Communist Youth of Switzerland

32. Syrian Communist Youth Union – Khaled Bakdash Youth

33. Communist Youth of Turkey

34. Leninist Communist Youth Union of Ukraine

35. League of Young Communists USA

36. Communist Youth of Venezuela