World Festival of Youth and Students Came to an End: Continue to the Struggle Against Imperialism!

On the last day of the 19th WFYS, struggle against imperialism was underlined. Festival finished with an enthusiastic closing meeting which was directed by the World Federation of Democratic Youth.

World Festival of Youth and Students which had started on October 14 in Sochi, Russia finished with the closing meeting dedicated to Ernesto Che Guevara. On the last two days of the festival, the importance of collective struggle against imperialist interventions was emphasized.

“Imperialism will be abolished with the struggle of the working class!”

In the seminar “The struggle against the agreements of international associations and organizations as a tool in the hands of imperialists”, the damage given by the IMF, World Bank, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and Trans-Pasific Patrnership was explained. Mehmet Erçetin from Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG) affirmed that imperialists have formulated these agreements in respect to their own interests. In presentation made on behalf of the TKG was stated that “In Socialist Cuba despite of intense blockade of these institutions, people do not die because of starving, diseases or bombs. Imperialism which offers nothing but exploitation and distrust lost its legitimacy long time ago. Today, we reject ideologies and projects which are reinforced by imperialism. We know that favourable politics for the people will not be carried out without socialism.” Participant who spoke on behalf of Argentina told that poverty increased through the interventions of these institutions in her country.

Another seminar was entitled as “Imperialist Interventions Under The Pretext of Human Rights”, where Libya, African National Congress (ANC), Greek Committee for International Detente and Peace and Communist Youth of Turkey took part. Barış İplikçi from the TKG underlined that since the dissolution of the Soviet Union there had been no moment without wars and added that USA had reshaped Middle East and North Africa through Islamism as a bourgeois political current. It was highlighted that a humanist system and the end of reginal conflicts could only be provided with the collective struggle of the working class. Participant from Greece also declared that the democracy had become a tool of the bourgeoisie and that socialism should have been the real solution for the peace. It was emphasized that China and Russia were also imperialist forces and that we are not obliged to do preference between institutions like NATO and BRICS.

Dr Aleida Guevara : We are looking for the victory, We will reach it!

On the last day of the festival, on the closing meeting of the World Federation of Democratic Youth; the President of the WFDY, Nikolas Papadimitriou, made a speech. President of WFDY, Nikos Papadimitriou asserted that WFDY would not compromise from its progressif character and said: “Our Festival means the struggle of the youth. Main aim of the youth should be the struggle against capitalism and imperialism.” In this meeting dedicated to Che Guevara, his daughter also took the floor. Dr. Aleida Guevara, mentioning imperialist policies in the world, emphasized that Cuba would not give up to resist for socialism. And she added: “It is Cuba who has stamped out ebola not Canada or USA! We are looking for the victory against the USA, enemy of humanity; we will reach it!”

Socialism Keeps on Life

In closing meeting to which Cuban doctors also paricipated, it was affirmed that Cuba was helping without any condition to other countries which are victims of illnesses and natural disasters. Telling that the scholarships were given to 26 countries, It was underlined, “Since education is not free in North America, Cuba gives scholarships. Latin American students, who have financial obstacles, have possibilites of education in Cuba” Festival, which gathered thousands of young people, came to an end after theese speeches.