Young communists of Greece and Turkey meet

Communist youth organizations of Turkey and Greece met in Izmir, Turkey to discuss the problems of young workers in both countries and shared their experiences. The success of the October Revolution and the lessons drawn from the Bolsheviks enhanced the discussion.

Two delegates from the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) met the members of the Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG) in Izmir, a western metropolitan of Turkey, on October 29. They discussed the problems of young workers and the shared the experiences of the Communist Party of Turkey and Greece of getting organized among the young workers

The delegates of KNE related the historical experiences of the struggle of the All Workers’ Militant Front (PAME) of Greece and shared the recent workplace organization units of the Communist Party of Greece. TKG members opened up a discussion on the difficulties of raising class consciousness among the youth following the presentation of KNE.

The October Revolution is mentioned in the KNE’s presentation as a historical event proving that barbarity is not forever and unbeatable. Furthermore it also proved the possiblity of “a superior society without the exploitation of man by man, socialism”. During the discussion, the October Revolution was defined as “the first example where people acted with the aim of a specific program, unlike previous popular movements up to that time”. And the example was given from the Greek liberation of 1820, where peasants were mobilised primarily according to religious affiliations but not with the specific goal of capitalist construction, becoming the eventual result of the movement at the end.

As a token of solidarity between the two communist youth organizations, KNE delegates presented a badge of the Democratic Army of Greece who struggled for equality and freedom during the 1946-49 civil war in Greece to TKG members.